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Hi to all of you lovely girls,

I've decided to take this step as well and create a dw account since LJ seems to be not that safe anymore and most people have moved to this side.

I have been known under the username of silver_crystall at LJ. Some of you know me as Kate though. Since I have been quite unhappy with my LJ username, I decided to change it. I hope you don't get confused^^

I also took this new start over here as an opportunity to change some things. On LJ I have been maintaining the fanfiction communtiy lost_f0r_words. As some of you might know, I started this comm with one of my close friends. However, RL took too much of her time so that she had to stop writing. Therefore, I decided to not open a new comm here on dw, but use my personal journal to post my fanfics since I don't write THAT many personal posts.

I will re-post some of my older fics. I know that there are mistakes in the older ones, but I don't really have time to check them again. I hope you don't mind too much - if you're in for some betaing, I'd happily take your help. However, I won't re-post everything because I came to dislike some of my older stories.

Here is also my masterpost, so you can keep track of what I already posted here on dw.

masterpost )

I really hope I will find all of my LJ friends here as well and maybe also get to know new people! Yoroshiku, minna~

Kate <3

Wish Meme

Apr. 22nd, 2018 05:20 pm
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So, I was tagged by[personal profile] yukitsubute  and [personal profile] rollingday_s , so I decided to write my Wish List as well^^

I just want to say that I am currently writing for the NanoCamp and then have to start my story for the Nino_exchange. So, I won't be able to start writing any new story soon, but I will keep interesting prompts in mind for sure! Also, this means, nobody is expecting people to deliver a fic within the next week, so I guess we should just take this slow!

I will be tagging people that might not know about this by now. However, don't feel obliged to anything. Maybe one of the prompts inspire you, maybe they don't. Just see this as a fun way to learn more about our tastes and ideas and to simply have some fun! <3

[personal profile] sky_fish7  (I know you don't have time, but I tag you anyway and I would love to read your list^^), [personal profile] rainbow_teatime , [personal profile] sk1726 , [personal profile] akhikaru  , [personal profile] chrissy1305 and [personal profile] coolohoh .

So... what actually is this? O.o

Rules and My Wishlist )
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Title: Bilocation

Author: Kate

Beta -reader: none, I'm sorry

Pairing: SakurAiba

Length: One-shot

Rating: PG-13 (Because it's some kind of psychological horror?)

Summary: “A bilocation is the exact copy of you. It looks like you. It behaves like you. Nobody will be able to see any differences between you and your bilocation.”

The idea is based on the movie “Bilocation” with was directed by Mari Asato and starred Asami Mizukawa. I took the title as well as the basic idea from this movie, but changed lots of parts.

ARB - Author's Random Blabbering: So this story was written for the Trick or Treat event on LJ. Therefore it's supposed to belong to the horror genre but it's more on the psychological horror side... well, I tried^^;;;


Click to read some SakurAiba horror... )



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